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Granite Dells

Massive boulders of ancient rock have weathered into delicately balanced forms and fanciful shapes, reflected in the surface of Watson Lake. Ruins and artifacts indicate that Native Americans used to live here. The scenic Dells offer a great place for boating, picnicking, or a stroll. Rock climbers tackle the challenging granite formations. Watson Lake Park, four miles north of town on AZ 89, offers year-round day use and summer weekend camping.

Legend of the Granite Dells

In the 1800s, a party of successful prospectors were returning from the Big Sandy River to Prescott with a load of gold dust and nuggets held in several canvas bags. Taking a rest and water break at Granite Dells, about four miles north of Prescott, they were soon attacked by Indians.  Quickly, the prospectors buried the gold near near the spring as the attack ensued.  All but one of the prospectors were killed by the Indians.  Later, the lone survivor would return to the site with a search party on several occasions.  However, they never found any signs of the buried gold.  Some have speculated that the Indians dug up the treasure and reburied it somewhere else in the same area. In any case the treasure remains somewhere in the Granite Dells waiting for discovery.

Prescott Peavine National Recreation Trail

This rails-to-trails path crosses Granite Dells on the east side of Watson Lake. Hikers, cyclists, and equestrians head down the nearly level, packed-gravel trail, which is 4.15 miles one way and connects with several other trails. From AZ 89 at MP 315, turn east 0.3 mile on Prescott Lakes Parkway, then turn left 0.1 mile to the trailhead. Currently the trail ends at former Hwy. 89A, but eventually it may connect with Chino Valley's Peavine Trail.




Prescott is a small thriving city located in the mountains of north-central Arizona only 90 miles, but a world away, from metropolitan Phoenix.  The town is nestled in a scenic valley at the northern edge of the rugged Bradshaw Mountains.  The pine-clad mountains above town reach heights of nearly 8,000ft, but downtown Prescott sits at 5,400ft.

The climate is a delightful combination of four moderate seasons with monsoon rains in the late summer and snow in the winter producing an average of 19” precipitation per year.  The high percentage of sunny days each year provides ideal conditions for outdoor recreation opportunities.  The area is well known for its picturesque lakes set in striking pre-Cambrian granite formations and wooded pine forests.  Residents and visitors enjoy miles of hiking, horseback, and mountain bike trails throughout the forests surrounding town.

Prescott’s central downtown business district is built around an elm-shaded, traditional courthouse plaza. The historic plaza hosts activities throughout the year ranging from bustling art shows, evening music concerts, antique fairs, and family oriented community events.

Prescott - 40,590

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